Pallet Chair Lo
pallet lamp
Pallet Chair Hi
sketch of pallet installation at the Design Museum
Pallet Block Stool
Pallet Craft Stool
cross pallet lamp studiomama nina tolstrup
pallet lamp in workshop

Studiomama was invited to take part in 10 TEN X, part of 100% Design 2006, for which 10 designers created products using materials sourced from within a 10-mile radius of their studios, with a budget of just £10.

The first Pallet Chair was made using two pallets, found discarded near our studio, and 50 screws. A light followed, made from one found pallet, 15 screws, a bolt, some reused cable and a light fitting. The collection was completed with a hanging light and some stools. Six new pieces – lights, cabinets, plant holders, chair and a chandelier – followed during 2009’s London Design Festival when the Pallet Project was shown at jeweller Jacqueline Rabun's London showroom. A special 'crafty' Pallet Stool was designed for a DIY supplement in the Guardian Weekend Magazine. Such was the success of the project that orders came flooding in, but shipping them worldwide went against the sustainable locally-made ethos of the collection, so, following the mantra ‘think globally, act locally’ Studiomama instead made assembly instructions available online so that people could make their own Pallet Projects, using the pallets that are discarded in every city worldwide.

People all over the globe continue to buy and download the instructions, making versions of Pallet Chairs for personal use as well as for community and public projects. The Pallet Project was shortlisted in the furniture category of the 2010 Brit Design awards at the Design Museum, London; it was showcased as part of Garage Milano’s 'Revival' Exhibition curated by Paola Gaggiotti and Nelsy Leidi during Milan Design Week 2012 as well as being shown with Phillips Auctions house at The Saatchi Gallery in London and New York. Scribble & Daub called it ‘democratic design genius.’Instructions to make the chair, light and a stool are available from the Studiomama shop.

The Pallet Project 2009