fold down bed

Interior scheme into an unusual existing building in the heart of north London that measures just 13 sq metre’s.

Each unit hosts a different function, including a bed, a work space, lounge seats, a kitchen, bathroom, closet storage and dining area.  Sliding doors tinted in pastel tones of yellow, pink and blue cover shelving. Each of the differently sized cabinets are intended for a specific use, including storing a sewing machine, games, spice jars, wine and books.

One of the doors opens to the small desk, which pulls out from the cabinet to allow for working standing up. A laptop is stored above and technical equipment below.

We have created integrated storage and seating elements which have discreet dual functions and can easily extend to add extra surfaces for seating or working. We wanted to get the space to work intuitively, without too many electronic or hidden functions."

The bed, which is placed at the narrowest end of the triangular shaped room. It folds up when not in used to create extra space and folds down to reveal two thin bookshelves and a bedside table.

The kitchen occupies the other end of the space where the small entrance hall is flanked by two tall cabinets. Behind this wall is the bathroom – the only separated room in the house.

We see the issues of how to live in a compact living space to be of growing importance, especially given the trends towards urbanisation and rise of megacities and wanted to use the project to pose a question about what are the things that we really need to live comfortably.



13m2 house